All of our tutors are highly qualified and are held to the highest standard. They all have a Step 1 & 2 score of 250+ and a Step 3 score of 225+. Our group of tutors provide a diverse set of strengths and teaching styles to accommodate each individual’s particular needs. They all have different availability. Thus, once you choose a tutor, you will be able to discuss a schedule that works for both of you.

Michael Mehlman

Michael Mehlman

MD Candidate

Michael is in his sixth and final year of medicine and research in Australia. Prior to medical school, he completed an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at Boston University and a research internship in microbiology and infectious disease at University of Sydney, Australia.

In his (lack of) spare time, he teaches students for RM across the world in preparation tactics for the USMLE Step 1. He is also an author for USMLE First Aid.

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