Tutor Application

  • Better than the rest.

    Better than the rest.

    In order to ensure the best results for our students, we only take tutors who meet specific score pre-requisites.

    Step 1 & 2:250 +
    Step 3:225 +
  • Pay off your loans.

    Pay off your loans.

    If you're in medical school or just graduated, chances are you are in some major debt. Don't let your student loans overtake your life.

    Residents Medical offers a generous rate for USMLE tutors. You can make more money with us than you would with any other tutoring services.

  • Your own schedule.

    Your own schedule.

    The perfect supplement to an ever fluctuating schedule. Once we connect your with a student to tutor, you can create a personalized schedule that complements both of your lifestyles.

    After that, all you need to do is document your hours and get paid.

  • Give Back.

    Give Back.

    Remember the countless sleep-deprived study nights, where you wished you had a mentor to answer questions?

    Well you can be that mentor now.

    What better way to give back to the medical community, than to help an aspiring doctor achieve success.

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