USMLE 1-on-1

USMLE 1-on-1 Tutoring

Residents Medical offers a premier tutoring service unlike any other. Our tutors work with candidates on a one-on-one basis via Skype or any other video interface that you prefer. They are all US top-tier medical school students and graduates with exemplary scores—all of our tutors have scored 250 or better on their Step exams. They develop their tutoring strategy individually based off of your strengths and weaknesses and customize a curriculum for you. Our tutors create a study schedule, assign homework, and most importantly hold you accountable for completing assignments on time and staying on track. Our tutors especially help IMGs and FMGs who might not be as familiar with the test materials or whose schools often have weaker curriculums than U.S. medical schools.

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One-on-one and small group tutoring are provided via live-streaming at your convenience. Personalized strategy for exam preparations enables students to maximize their scoring potential.

But first, we can arrange a free assessment with one of our tutors over the phone/Skype where they will determine the level of the candidate’s preparedness for exams and provide a recommendation on the hours needed for reaching the target score.

Here are some of our webinar recordings that can help you in your studies:

Tutoring is the most effective way of preparing for your USMLEs. Unfortunately, not all schools have the same approach to USMLE preparation, or may not have as strong of a curriculum. This creates a problem for many medical school students and graduates. We have many candidates that come to us after they have already established study habits that led them to low scores on their exams. Therefore, it is important to start working with a tutor as early as possible and get on the right track immediately.

Complete the USMLE form and we will contact you for a free assessment with one of our tutors to evaluate your preparedness for your exams.