Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology and Accent Reduction

The new ACGME milestones emphasize proper communication, which is an integral part of becoming a successful physician in America. Statistics show that those who speak and communicate confidently are hired and preferred over those candidates who do not. Residents Medical can assist with reducing a heavy accent, speech impediment, and other communication deficiencies. We have had many medical school graduates take this course to build their confidence, communication ability and overall presentation. This service offers an invaluable benefit for IMGs and FMGs who are interested in pursuing their career in the U.S. Our speech trainers are skilled and well renowned professionals, as they have been assisting candidates with speech therapy for over 25 years!

Interpersonal and communication skills is one of the six ACGME Core Competencies that are emphasized in the curriculum of all ACGME accredited residency programs in the United States. Not only will accent reduction and communication courses benefit your performance in the residency program, but it will help you secure the spot in this program through developing your presentation and your confidence. You will be able to assure program directors that you are capable of working effectively with patients and with other residents/doctors.

Through the speech training course at Residents Medical, you will work via Skype with a professional. You will explore your current pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, breathing, and muscularity in order to develop a method of improvement towards the standard American patterns of speech.

The goal of speech training is to help candidates fully demonstrate their passion for their field and to go off-script with enthusiasm. You will be able to compel the program directors with your sincere demeanor and by going beyond your CV with personal anecdotes and maintaining the interviewer’s attention. This service, coupled with interview preparation are invaluable to the advancement of your medical career.

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