Obtaining clinical experience in a hospital and clinical setting is your chance to learn the essentials of practicing medicine and gives you a first-hand look into the daily life of a physician. It provides the opportunity to learn lessons from the experience, get a good understanding of the realities of medicine and achieve required depth of experience.

Residents Medical offers fully insured hands-on externships at university-based, community-based and preceptor-based programs across the country. These opportunities allow international and foreign medical graduates to obtain U.S. Clinical Experience (USCE) and to interact directly with patients gaining invaluable experience that cannot be taught in a lecture hall. It is a great detriment to someone’s candidacy if there is a lack of or gap in hands-on clinical experience in the United States. Many IMGs and FMGs who are planning to pursue their medical career in the US should be aware of the differences between healthcare practice standards and requirements in the US and abroad. Extended clinical experience, letters of recommendation and achievements in research at home are important, but in order to be truly competitive in your residency quest, obtaining 3-6 month of continuous experience at US clinics and hospitals would be essential. Your credentials will be much more powerful in making your candidacy more attractive.

The first introduction to the American healthcare system can be done through a month of Observership. Follow an experienced doctor and use this time to get to know the basics. Then you should continue with getting a real hands-on experience. Observerships cannot replace or be considered of equal value to externships by residency program directors. Proper hands-on externships at university-based teaching hospitals and community hospitals with experienced preceptors are difficult to procure, but we can assist you with enrollment.

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