about us

More than two decades ago, Dr. Edwin Everest (1948-2008), a renowned professor, doctor, mentor and philanthropist, saw a need to help domestic and international medical graduates navigate the complex preparation and vetting process of residency placement in the United States. His strong desire to help international medical graduates and accomplished foreign medical specialists contribute to the U.S. health care system served as the foundation for our business model.

Our main focus is clinical research and an expansion of Graduate Medical Education opportunities. Today, through a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and our collaboration with The Everest Foundation, we are able to provide exclusive and premier services for medical students and graduates from all continents to prepare for residency.

Plan of Action

Whether you are a US graduate, IMG or FMG, we evaluate your credentials and develop a unique path to residency, which may include:

  • Paid U.S. medical school research fellowships.
  • University-based, hands-on externships.
  • Premier USMLE instruction from experienced tutors who have achieved top-scores.
  • Interview preparation with practicing program directors, active deans and chairs.
  • Residency placement opportunities into highly competitive ACGME accredited residency training programs.
Residents Medical
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We strive to integrate the six ACGME Core Competencies into every opportunity we provide to U.S. and foreign trained medical students and graduates. We believe that patient safety and satisfaction, as well as better health outcomes, are integral to a thriving community and successful medical institutions. This model should exist not only in every city and state in America, but around the world.